Outdoor Actvities

WiCast - Weather Information for outdoor activities

WiCast provides improved and highly regionalized information on relevant actual and future weather conditions to people involved in outdoor activities. These might be companies being concerned with safety issues of workers and facilities, professionals depending on special weather conditions for their work, sport clubs providing meteorological information as a special service to their members or individuals planning their spare-time activities outside.

WiCast combines scientific progress in meteorology with state of the art information technology. Observations from different remote sensors are combined with forecasts from radar data and numerical weather prediction models to generate the optimum information on current and future weather conditions at your region of interest. Information is then distributed to the end-users via leading edge technology and visualization systems.

  • Live radar observations and short term rain forecasts
  • Live lightning observations and lightning alerts
  • Automatic alert system
  • Observation and forecast of meteorological parameters
  • State-of-the-art vector web-based visualization application
  • Special "weather displays" for club houses