WISAM - Weather information system for airport management

WISAM is a powerful integrated terminal weather information system developed to assist airports in strategic and tactical decision making. It provides high quality information about the meteorological conditions on the Terminal Manoeuvering Area (TMA) which increases safety and efficiency and reduces costs resulting from adverse weather conditions.

WISAM is a full decision support system for airport management, including: data management and processing, product generation, alert generation, and visualization of data and products. WISAM’s strength lies in its modular architecture which makes it highly adaptable to the specific needs of a given airport.
WISAM generates forecasting products related to three complexes of meteorological phenomena affecting aviation: thunderstorms, heavy precipitation, and winter conditions. All products are generated employing algorithms from leading research centers, McGill University and CRAHI-UPC. These products combine the information content of different data sources to develop an improved composite view of the current and future weather conditions in the TMA. The underlying data  include observations from different sensors such as weather radar systems, satellites, lightning detection networks and ground stations together with forecasts from numerical weather prediction models.
The WISAM alert generator automatically warns the operator in case of deteriorating weather or any other changes in weather conditions that might impact on ground operations. WISAM is completed by a state-of-the-art visualization system that  has been designed to reduce the complexity of thel information and to foster quick and easy decision making.