Water Agencies

HiWat - Hydrometeorological Information System for Water Management
HiWat is a powerful decision support system for authorities and companies involved in water management and flood mitigation. It provides high quality and high resolution information about the meteorological and hydrological conditions at the region of interest in order to optimally monitor rainfall evolution and water levels. Precipitation intensity and accumulated precipitation are derived from radar observations for customizable basins and time spans. Mean water discharges and peak discharges are predicted and automatic alerts are issued when precipitation intensity and discharges are expected to exceed critical thresholds for key points of the basin of interest. HiWat facilitates water management, providing in one single system a full solution embracing data management and data quality control, data processing, product and alert generation, and visualization of data and products.
  • Modular architecture 
  • Data integration and data management
  • HiWat product generator
  • Quantitative precipitation estimation
  • Quantitative precipitation forecasting
  • Hydrometeorological products
  • Hydrological modeling
  • HiWat alert generator
  • State-of-the-art  visualization application