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21 January 2009

HYDS participates in IMPRINTS

HYDS participates in the European FP7 project "IMproving Preparedness and RIsk maNagemenT for flash floods and debriS flow events" (IMPRINTS).

The aim of IMPRINTS is to contribute to the reduction of loss of life and economic damage through the improvement of the preparedness and the operational risk management of flash flood and debris flow (from now on FF & DF) generating events, as well as contributing to sustainable development through reducing damages to the environment. To achieve this ultimate objective, the project is oriented to produce methods and tools to be used by practitioners of the emergency agencies and utility companies responsible for the management of FF & DF risks and associated effects. Impacts of future changes, including climatic, land use and socioeconomic changes will be also analysed, in order to provide guidelines for mitigation and adaptation measures.